Wanna Be Brothers

"It is not a project or a genre. It's our work and it’s
the album I've always had inside me.”

Nis, singer, guitarist, producer, composer.

Wanna Be Brothers members all come from the same hometown in North

Zealand. The debut album "Countryman" is the result of many musical

meetings, long and sometimes endless discussions, unfulfilled dreams,

wrong paths, choices and attempts to do the right thing.

"We don’t want to do it the right way – we want to do it
our way. When we play together, as we have been doing
since we were teenagers in Hundested, it just feels right

for us.”

Tue, drummer, songwriter.

Nis: "If we didn’t have this together, I would wish we had

a boat or something".

The band is a trio that also includes producer and mixing engineer Richo

Møller. Together, they make the project possible in all its simplicity. No

one takes full responsibility and final touches are usually added to the

work by a third party.

"After many years of drinking, hours in the garden shed
and obstacles created by the kind of music we wanted to
make the pieces are finally falling into place".

Richo, engineer.

Nis (smiling): "We must all be incredibly slow.”

The drummer writes the lyrics for the music from the shed in the garden,

and eventually it ends in Richo’s mixing studio at the tip of Lynæs Harbor.

Nis: "I feel there has been created a figure of our public

personalities in the texts. Sometimes I wonder: Is it me
or you (Tue) the songs are about. A kind of Alter Ego.”

Tue: “It is a great freedom to have and hold a lead

singer's songs in your hands and make sure he always
feels related to and at home in the stories. Because it
really needs to be his, or at least enough for him to
connect with it in a certain way so that to allows him to
express it. And then I can improvise on our common acidic
relationship with small moments of life elements into it.
Dreams, women, sex, alcohol, prolongation. Without any of
us really being responsible for it.”

Nis: “I've always wanted to make this big rock album, but

have had to accept that it just couldn't be done, or at
least by me. Sometimes you have to follow the the wicked

ways of art.

And somehow, we all agree that it was really this album
we all wanted to make”.

The live band Wanna Be Brothers will soon start tour.

The debut album will be released in 2019, with pre-singles and b-sides.